Amnesia: Genesis

A true sandbox rpg that takes place in a fantasy/post-apocalyptic type setting, Amnesia is a role playing game home to many a secret, shifty alliances, immortal bonds, heroic combat and truly unforeseen events.

This roleplay is set over a thousand years into our future. But times have changed drastically. A massive disaster nearly extinguished humanity and the millions that remained suffered from irreparable memory loss: retaining no memories. All that remained were things such as morals, strong emotional ties, names and language (Although many new languages were formed in the thousand years that followed). The world of old has left nothing but rare reminders that have been subjected to nature and age, and are thus often unrecognizable. These items are known as Relics. Cars, books, toys, you name it, people want it even though they are often useless and overly expensive. Some revere these relics as holy objects, some buy them as investments, some collect them, some have stranger perversions, and many more reasons exist. Within the roleplay, Relics are as complex as they are enigmatic. These ‘tools’ of an ancient and forgotten civilization, what could they mean? And what mystery do they hide? That’s for you to find out.


The Premise

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The Gift

The Gift of Magic

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The World



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Starting a Settlement(Includes Template)

Starting a Character (Includes Bio Template)

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