Name: Ash Evergreen

Age: 15

Home: Argon, Ordus’ Assassins Guild

Current Location: Capital city of Ordus

Region of Birth: Ordus (Argon)

Parental region of Birth: Argon (father), Zhuyoto (mother)

(Small) Faction: Ash is a member of the Ordusian Assassin’s Guild. A newly formed guild, founded and lead by one of Ordus’ most renowned streetlords. Criminality within the capital city reached its limits and when people started asking the infamous streetlord to kill and assassinate people for some golden coins, he did not resist. Alex Evergreen, the streetlord, was already well-connected at the time he opened his first assassin establishment. Being a streetlord was all about having the right type of hands stealing for you and little  birdies listening for you. The people that stole for him remained their job, but the orphan children that had held their ears open to the city’s most precious secrets were now one by one trained under Alex himself, on their way to gradually become Ordus’ most infamous assassins ever seen. As of now Alex had 3 assassins working for him. /working/ not like the 2 youngest of his assassins earned any money out of this, rather he told them that they were repaying their debt to him, of which he never specified the amount. As these teens were born without parents to protect them no one had legal possession over these poor things. Easy targets, for a person as manipulative as Alex. His third assassin, the most trusted and experienced one was some rogue type of mercenary that had signed up the moment underground word about Alex’ establishment had spread. He was a tall and mysterious fellow, 29 of age, yet never uttered a word, but for the names of his targets.

Faction information: Only when one was accustomed to the people from the underground and the underground world of Ordus, like the black markets, fighting pits and brothels, one would /MAYBE/ know of this faction. If you were one of the undergrounds’ lower status type of people you would obviously not know about the guild, because even when you knew about the guild, you wouldn’t speak about it or people might think you were up to no good.   

Faction Insignia/Logo/etc: wip

Allies: (The Black Swords)

Enemies: wip

Titles: wip


Occupation: Assassin + trainee

(If known, then) Known for: Her hits and pretty face.

Who is she: She is everything but your ordinary teenager girl. She is a ruthless dragon by heart, as if born without the capacity to have mercy on her victims. Yet once you were one of those very few closer to her a totally different person seemed to come alive concerning her behavior, she then would be cheerful, real, sarcastic and even caring. Born without any parents living on this world, life pretty soon taught her the hard way on how to feel, judge but also ensure her own safety, which unfortunately led to her living by the motto, “don’t trust anyone but yourself.” She is only concerned with being the best of the best, and is competitive by nature. One of her biggest dreams was to become Ordus’ most renowned assassin.

Hair: Raven black

Eyes: Royal blue

Height: 5’3

Weight:  115 lbs

Body specifications: mesomorphic body type. Lean but muscular.

Tone of voice: childlike in a way she came across arrogant and cocky, as if she, the teen, had to talk down on an adult as if he was too stupid to understand her swift mind.

Unique/Special features: Even though only a few had seen her face, it was rumored that this cloaked and small, female assassin was a goddess trapped in the body of a child. This was the reason for her beauty some believed, thinking that the goddess could only escape when having killed enough of the bad guys. Yet all these rumors, to her, were extremely exaggerated and overdone. She found them to be another example of the human’s belittled mind. However, her beauty really did amaze most men, especially when knowing her innocently pretty face would be the last face they ever saw.

Perceived to be: Annoyed by any stranger that wants to have a conversation with her. Her demeanor is very much, if not more, mature like an adult, always a serious look on her face and her eyes as cold and empty as the moon’s surface. If she wants she can act very innocent and sweet-looking, but all of that would be nothing but a mask because underneath was an ever-present hatred for everything and anything that grew with every day, every kill.

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Picture of RPC:

Common clothing: wip

Travelling clothes: A bodysuit made of the most basic fabric, wool and cotton, is what she always wore when going out and about on the streets doing her thing at night. To hide her figure she additionally wore a cloak on top, with a hoodie so big she could obscure more than half of her face from folks while she still being able to see through some of the fine fabric to guide her way through the streets. Her shoes were regular, leather boots, with a firm sole but not too thick to keep her swift and agile.

Battle outfit: same as her travelling clothing.


Weapons: Two 20 inch daggers made of steel and an oaken bow accompanied with normal iron-tipped arrows.

Armor: none

Backpack/bag:  wip

Pockets: a small wooden flute that would whistle like the Nightingale did always sat in the right pocket of her cloak.  


Pets: none

Mount: none

Storage: Has nothing but that whichever Alex supplies her with, which already was a lot since he liked to spoil her whenever hé felt like he had taken it too hard on her. These gifts he gave to her were usually pretty dresses, books, jewelry, lotions, fragrances and all other things relating to a normal Lady from the higher circles.  

Money- Has secretly kept some money aside for herself which she stole from her victims’ dead bodies. Without telling Alex she would hide the money some place safe to maybe one day buy her own freedom, but of course, she couldn’t tell Alex that, so she had hid it where no one could find it, and only she knew the way, some place deep down the city’s sewers. Amount of Gold: 3 coins, amount of silver: 22 coins, amount of copper coins: 166.

Items- Quiver stacked with 20 arrows.


The Gift: Ash has both the gift of speed and precision. The main reason for her excellence in the art of stealthy killing. The first gift focused not only on her physical speed but also her attack speed. Her gift of precision mainly focused on her excellent hand-eye coordination.

History: Ash comes from one of Ordus’ many orphanages, where Alex had adopted her for some silver coins. Because the orphanages were overloaded with lonely babies having no parents to take care of them, the price for one such baby was very low. And so Ash would soon be under Alex’ wicked wings. He first taught her how to steal and lie. Her swift hands making him a rich streetlord fast. One that eventually would have full criminal control over some of the cities biggests districts. Districts also in which he bribed the guards and could freely perform his corrupt endeavors. When Ash turned 13 years old and by then had become a pro in stealth and mischievous lies, would now be taught in the ways of the assassin. The ingenious idea had come from Alex, who wanted to enlarge his so said /empire/. This again would require from her to be his personal tool, per usual Ash learnt fast and could adapt even faster within this new murderous role he had given her. It took only a year for her stories to be spread throughout the city, rendering full-grown men scared of the thought that they could stumble upon her in the middle of the night, little did they know every victim of hers had a target on their back from the start and the kills actually didn’t happen at random, never. Ash had never made a mistake. At least not up until now..