Everyone can only have one rpc! This rpc is you, or your fantasy, or whatever you want it to be. This is your character, you brainchild, at least until he/she dies and you make a new one at which you are always free to seek mod-permission to convert a npc to your rpc (this requires the blessing of whoever controls that npc, unless you control it yourself.)

For those curious as to how exactly mods are involved in your Character creation process, look here: Example of Character Creation Process

BIO Template:

Before starting, remember, you have to go through your ideas together with a mod. If you are sure of yourself being able to make a character that fits within the universe, then you may freely fill out as much as you can before finding a mod to help you finish out sections that require a mod and of course to approve your bio. Before approval, a mod will always run through your character concept with you and, where necessary, figure out ways to make your start within the roleplay as smooth, fun, immersive, and ready to be met by interesting encounters and surprises.

(Feel free to add additional information, just make sure you at least cover all of the basics mentioned here. You are free to add pictures and to personalize your bio in other ways as long as it doesn't distract from the information and/or makes it hard to find information.)



Home: (Optional.)

Current Location:

Region of Birth:

Parental region of Birth:

Faction: (Free to create a faction on your own.)

(Small) Faction: (You may choose to start off with a small faction that won't be listed on the official faction page on the wikia, and it won't be known within roleplay excluding any characters that have learned of your faction within roleplay. -Advised for small mercenary groups, bandit packs, barbarian clans, travelling circus, etc.-. A big faction, or one with large amounts of detail, usually has a separate page made that follows the settlement template, often as part of a village, camp, or even kingdom, but sometimes even as a travelling group of Nomads, etc.)

Faction information:

Faction Insignia/Logo/etc:






(If known, then) Known for: (It’s always up to npc’s/rpc’s whether they do or don’t know you, but if you are say king of a kingdom, then it is pretty much a given that most people if not everyone knows who you are. However, it’s up to you to decide what you’re known for and how much exactly. If you’d prefer to be a secretive king, you could be very reclusive and be known for being an enigma instead. Variation is key, but don’t try to force someone, who has no real link to your character, to know who you are or fear your reputation. Just be happy if it happens! If you’re tired of not getting the recognition you are looking for, then go out and claim it through roleplay. At some point it’ll be impossible to ignore who you are. Prove the world wrong!)

Who are you: (small summary of personality/behaviour)

(Keep the following in mind: Physical traits have influence within roleplay. If you are a large viking-like warrior twice the size of a small scholar, yet you both have the gift of strength, you will be stronger because of weight and well-honed muscles, yet the scholar will have the element of surprise as he is most likely far beyond the strength of what you'd expect from one his size.)





Body specifications:

Tone of voice:

Unique/Special features:

Perceived to be: How would a regular commoner see you? Do you look moody, uninterested, happy, gloomy, or bashful. This can reflect your mood, or it could simply be a mask you put on for the outside world to see. Make sure to update this part of your bio whenever the development of your character demands it. When someone else see's you, who hasn't seen you before, and you don't describe your appearance in your opening post, this is where they can go to see what the first impression of your character is. They can then interpret that however their character would)

Picture of RPC:

Common clothing:

Travelling clothes:

Battle outfit:




Backpack/bag: (Including any hidden compartments, and what they contain.)

Pockets: (Including hidden pockets/compartments, and what they contain.)


Pets: (It is very well possible for your pets to have some form of mutation such as; two heads, an additional limb, being twice as big or twice as small and anything in between, etc. These mutations are also somewhat common among animals in the outside world.)


Mount loadout-

Storage: (A bank, a hidden vault, or a hole in the ground. What you call your storage is up to you. If you have several storage locations then make sure to list all of them individually and make sure to detail what each individual storage location contains.)

Money- (You may choose to start rich, but gold is heavy to carry in large number. Even if you have your money stored away safely, no large amount of money comes from nowhere. If you are rich then explain how you got rich, and don't be surprised if your wealth attracts unwanted attention of either npc's, or rpc's who've received a clue from a mod or perhaps found out about you being rich by their own accord.)


Relics: (To keep things exclusive, no one character may start off with more than 3 relics. You are, within reason and logic, free to choose these relics. But if whether or not there is a hidden meaning behind them is decided by mods, and will not be revealed to you unless a mod does so through intervention which might require certain parameters to be met before happening. You are, however, also capable of investigating yourself and might find answers this way before they are revealed to you.

The Gift: (When reaching this section, reach out to a mod if you are confused about anything or if you wish to roll for The Gift of Magic.)

History: (Any history written down here is what people would/could know of you. This might be detailed in one of the grand archives in the capital that you're from, or known to your neighbor farmer who was a friend of your parents, etc. Keep secret background information hidden to enforce other roleplayers from finding out about it through actual roleplay.)

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