Log taken from Skype:

(As you will see, there is a lot of back and forth between mods and yourselves, all to ensure the greatest outcome for everyone! At the end of the day it's the mods job to see to it that as little possible of your idea undergoes change, and to have you leave the conversation as excited as possible!.)

Dad.: is there a rule against races, like are we all human? Dad.: I had an idea to make my own underground race that barely survived the wipeout due to the ground caving and killing them all. Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: I like that idea! Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: Go for it man Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: Pets: (It is very well possible for your pets to have some form of mutation such as; two heads, an additional limb, being twice as big or twice as small and anything in between, etc. These mutations are also somewhat common among animals in the outside world.) Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: something similar could have happened to your race, so that even though they might scientifically be humans, within the roleplay they are known as elves, for example, known their for long ears, being spiritually attuned, quick, and dextrous, as well as being tall and beautiful. Dad.: I have two ideas Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: All of which, scientifically, would/could be mutations from the basic homo sapiens, as a result of the apocalypse for instance. Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: Hit me! Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: (being made/changed by magic is also possible btw.) Dad.: they are of a reptilian race that have the ability to regurgitate their stomach acid as a corrosive projectile along with other reptile-like features. Dad.: second Dad.: they have lived there so song they began to merge with the earth as a being and take on earth-like features to their skin. Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy:


All of your 'race' posses an unique gift that was one of the first that was unlocked after the apocalypse that occurred over 1000 years ago. This Gift is a Gift of Magic that is carried on through the bloodline of whoever possesses it, and mutates whoever possesses it, although this information is not known to the world of today. Current day, there are thousands who carry this gift. These 'people' are seen as a unique race which has, throughout history, been known as '...' A unique race who are, by many, thought to have been be born without a Gift, instead having been cursed by the very Gods themselves. But none can deny the raw strength and speed of those who are named '...'

This Gift drastically changes one's appearance to that of a reptilian humanoid, gaining reptilian traits such as new/improved senses, and doing things like spitting a corrosive acid at your foes, and more!

Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: The same concept would work for the Earth-people idea Dad.: yeah that's what I had in mind Dad.: I'd either go with the acid or a chameleon like style Dad.: where I can blend and or go invisible Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: I think both ideas sound good, personally I would go with the lizard folk cause imo it stands out a bit more, is easier to describe because they are well-known to fantasy geeks, and it really makes for a unique race within this universe. Dad.: yeah lol Dad.: just two ideas that hit me Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: go for it bro Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: opens a lot of doors tbh Dad.: naiccuuu Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: because how to other people see your race? what relations do they have? any allies? are there legends about them? or bad stories? are magicians expecially interested in them? or maybe alchemist because your tails have some healing substance in them? How will other characters react when meeting one of your kind? Have characters met some of your kind in the past, and as such might they be kinder/more cruel to your people? etc etc etc Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: so much immersion and possibilities for interaction Dad.: yeah Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: they could have their own god, Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: their own view of relics Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: maybe have some greater lost knowlege Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: etc etc etc Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: "_" Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: @_@ Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: so cool Dad.: it helps with my might be absence too I can just have my own pople Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: yeah man Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: you could have your own 'kingdom', which I guess might have a different name amongst your race, and all that good stuff Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: then people can visit you, or your character and/or your npcs can visit other people. Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: if you don't feel like using your rpc, you could rp as an assassin npc of your race who is like the top dog assassin and go out doing underhand missions Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: sky's the limit Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: you can make it as easy, accessible, and manageable as you wish. and if your stuff draws massive attention and you cant keep up with all the rpc's interacting with your npc vendors, guards, or whatever, then a mod will help you out or do the work for you Dad.: sweet Dad.: thanks man this is going to be fun Galaxy Overseer, #itsyaboy: Definitly! Can't wait