From point of character creation, you have the freedom to start up a clan, kingdom, village, or simply choose to be a lone wolf, and more! (We're going to be using a village as an example during some of the information below.)

Character creation is a process that is always done together with at least one mod, they will help find a suitable way to bring your fantasy to life within a constantly evolving world. The mods will see to it that the ‘world map’ is updated and/or adjusted accordingly whenever there is a new addition.

After point of creation, everything that happens to your character, and whatever you decided to bring into the world, will, without exception, happen throughout roleplay. This means that if mods need to intervene, they will do so through roleplay (Taking on a temporary Dungeon-Master-like role.) This also means that a ‘new’ kingdom can’t suddenly pop up in previously explored land, as it would collide with the lives and experiences of current roleplayers, which wouldn't make sense and take away from your immersion. As such, new establishments will usually be be starting in an area yet undiscovered by any active roleplayers. Or integrated in an existing location in a way that makes sense for everyone that hopefully greatly contributes to everyone's immersion and fun. As you've probably noticed by now, mods take a large part in maintaining the roleplaying game of Amnesia, they work behind the scenes, and even in plain sight when taking on the role of a DM to bring an unexpected twist to your roleplaying session. You'll usually like them, but sometimes you won't, regardless of the fact they are to be respected at all times.

Now we've reached the second part of the creations process. Of course, if you're the ruler of a large village bristling with life, there have to be people who live their daily lives. Some of them might be close to your rpc while some may not know your rpc at all or only by name. These people are known as NPC's (non player characters). Usually, in a roleplaying game, somebody else controls the NPC's and the same usually goes for Amnesia. However! All of the NPC's that are a part of your village are under your control. That means you are responsible for your npcs!

Now don't be too worried, you won't have to make a thousand posts a day. The idea is to create a list of names and occupations for commoners such as bakers, butchers, etc. After that another list of notable NPC's is made, and these will have a bit more description than name and occupation. You are free to create fully fleshed out biographies for some NPC's of major importance to either you, the village, quest-lines, or whichever reason, but this is not a requirement.

(It is definitely possible to have NPC's move from another village into yours, at which point you and the owner of the other village decide under who's ownership the NPC's are to be, with the original owner always having first claim. It is also possible for other people's characters, RPC's, to move into your village or to start off as if having been born there.)

This means that if you run a village that starts off with nobody but roleplaying there, everything regarding the running of said Kingdom falls on your shoulders. Now here is where you can take a breath of relief. All you are required to do, at the least, is to make a small post, known as a D.E.P, every day or two days. Within this small post you are to describe the happenings and proceedings of business in your Kingdom, possibly highlighting the events surrounding one or several NPC's in a manner such as; speaking of the mayor's birthday, the daughter of the baker whose cat accidental got killed by a practicing archer, the marriage between two childhood lovers. (When starting up, mod's can help you make your Daily Establishment Post, aka D.E.P, and give you tips on how to do it by yourself.).

Should a roleplayer come to interact with your village you are responsible to reply to said roleplayer within 24 hours, if you fail to do so any random mod may voluntarily, or by player request, post the reply for you: which could lead to things going differently as to how you planned them, but it's up to you to figure out how to continue on best as possible. (You are free to talk to the mod who posted for you and ask what direction they were planning to take a conversation or encounter in, or anything else you think might be beneficial information.)

The aforementioned interaction could be something as simple as a roleplaying traveller coming to buy some bread and stay at an inn within your kingdom, expecting to be off on his way by morning. But you, cunning fox that you are, decide against giving the roleplayer a relaxing night. Instead you decide that a band of bandits throw a tantrum in the dining area. And if the roleplayer ignores all of the ensuing noise, you could take things up a notch and this have two ruffians fall through the roleplaying travelers bedroom-door, eventually setting their eyes on the traveler who notices their eyes to be completely red. This leaves the traveler with several options such as, but not limited to, running or fighting, either of which could lead into a quest of epic proportions that'll deliver everyone involved some awesome roleplay. Possibilities are endless! Fun is guaranteed!

Given all the above. it's also important to create a page for your village that shows the name, a summary, some history, as well as small/complex descriptions of who live there, what the layout of your village is, whether there is a gate? if so is the gate guarded? If the gate is indeed guarded, is it guarded by a lone scruffy dog, a few mercenaries, or actual soldiers of your very own army? Loyalists to the crown? Or perhaps civilians who are forced into working for you? Here, as you've probably noticed before, the possibilities are also endless! One thing to keep in mind is the following: The more powerful you are, the more attention you’ll attract. (Mods will ensure this.).

In order to prevent imbalance at point of creating your village, the mods will give you some pointers and tips on how to set it up, as well as some numbers that make sense regarding your history and geography; numbers representing wealth/the treasury, population, nearby resources, the population’s state of mind, the strength of your army, powerful individuals within your village, etc. Being modest in OOC is a good way of making sure, best you can, to not attract too much early attention in the roleplay. Of course, everyone has different visions, and we happily embrace those! But if a situation gets out of hand, and someone wants his starting town to consist of nothing but 10000 elite warriors, mods are allowed to enforce judgement. For one, what happened to the women? But more importantly, it would in almost all cases be ridiculous from an out of character perspective when the largest kingdom in the world only boasts 1000 elite warriors. Of course we can't expect you to know everything which is why the mods are there to work together with you, to help you bring your ideal to live, albeit it with some possible configurations.

If your kingdom boasts an overwhelmingly large army, immense amounts of resources, the perfect geographical location, and deems itself to be invincible, mods may decide a neighboring kingdom could arise, or a massive legion of nomad factions could group up, or a mythical beast could emerge, in order to ‘return balance’ to the world. This could leave a initially powerful kingdom with but a few dozens of people, a few trusty knights, and nothing but ruins, corpses and destruction: nearly everything was destroyed in war. Even if they managed to come out of the war victorious, heavy losses are often not preventable in such scenarios. And who knows what else lies beyond the horizon? At the end of the day, there is a large positive side to this which is that proceedings such as this will create a lot of interesting and interactive rp. But keep the following in mind. Be a bit humble, give yourself a weakness or two, and you’ll find the universe to be far more forgiving when setting out to try to accomplish the impossible, or being met by extraordinary events.

Bad things are eventually bound to happen everywhere, and to everyone. But that doesn’t say you can’t find out a way to stop something from happening… or, who knows? You might be that evil son of a gun who helps bad things happen even faster, or you could even be the one who sets these bad things up to begin with.).