Most Gifted Races have a Lore of Magic unique to their race. Some Gifted Races also enjoy increases to their physical abilities. Some have both to a more limited degree. As such there are no additional Gifts for Gifted Races. Although there are mysteries of a source capable of turning people of Gifted Races into regular humans, at which point the common Gift and a possible Gift of Magic would become available.


Lore of Life


Lore of Death





Posses immense strength beyond that of the common gift of power.


Nimble movement, enhanced vision, can see through body heat, leaping abilities, has a long reach with his tongue, has a tail, and sharp claws. 

Furthermore they have unique/varying aspects of lizards among them, such as manipulating stomach acid and having wings. But never or rarely do they have more than one or two of these additional biological abilities.

The Watchers:

Are immortal winged creatures of little power. (Locked from RPC's until a later date)