The Argonian Rule: an incarnation of the Illuminati which has somehow survived and resurfaced, becoming the largest and most influential world force which controls several battle-mages and a being known as ‘The Beast’ that is the greatest fear of any magician alive.  Located in Ordus, primarily Argon.

Traveling Nomad tribes: Each tribe usually follows their own deity or way of life, some are allied one another and some are at war with other tribes, or even capital cities.

Nomads are known for adapting to their surroundings and setting up temporary settlements in random places. They are generally known to be located in all regions

Mercenary groups:


Capital of Peace: Known as a place for the weak, wise, and according to barbarians also for women and children. This is where you’ll find the best schools and research centers, kept safe by several mercenary groups who are paid well by the owners of the prosperous land inside the massive golden wall that encircles the Capital of peace. Men are generally forbidden from entering unless they have special permission, or come to study in which case they’ll usually be granted stay for 5 years. Located on the northern border of Toa Gu, overlooking the Forgotten lands, where it sits protected by a valley called the “Queen’s Embrace.”, said to be a manifestation of the magic sent into the world by a dying queen who watched her family murdered. Some say it was the queen’s last deed before surrendering to evil. Some go even further and say that the, now, ‘Dark’ queen is the villainous ruler of the Capital of Peace who performs many evils within the well-protected enclave. But these are mere tales of soldiers and pirates… or are they?

Kingdom of Roses: A kingdom of great beauty and vanity, home to many tournaments. Located in the far west of Ordus

The Arc: A massive settlement known as the main trading center in the known world. Located at the mid-center of the east border of Toa Gu and the west center of Ordus.