The Royal family

Name: High King Valehen

Age: 52

Occupation: King, Self-proclaimed Emperor of Eria

Special traits: Devious, arrogant, vain

Appearance: Short, stout, rugged trimmed beard, long flowing silver hair. Wears flamboyant golden robes that cost more than a typical family would make in a hundred years.

Name: The Grand Queen Beatrix

Age: 28

Occupation: Queen

Special traits: Smart beyond her years, an economical genius

Appearance: Petite, round curves, bright red lipstick, large blue eyes, silk-like black hair falling down to her waist. Always dressed in white dressed that allow one to see just too much of her bare body beneath. She is to wear this same dress, everyday, due to the King's orders.

Name: Prince Balzahar the Wise

Age: 13

Occupation: Prince

Special traits: Wise beyond his years, a very creative artist. Also known as 'The Young Star of the Eleventh Night.'

Appearance: Lean, tall for his age, straight brown hair that is shoulder length and parted down the middle. Usually wears white robes that stand out due to the patterns of golden stars gracing their surface.


Name: Bendrick

Age: 75

Occupation: Master Blacksmith

Appearance: Dirty clothes, long beard, built like a tank.

Name: Sandrah

Age: 14

Occupation: Owner of a small bakery following the deaths of her parents

Appearance: Dirty clothes, suffers from acne, has a surprisingly low voice.

Name: Juliet

Age: 42

Occupation: Owner of the local Jewelry.

Appearance: Fashionable, small faced, always wears a ring on each of her gnarly fingers, extremely skinny.

Name: Sven

Age: 50

Occupation: Banker

Appearance: Basic in every way possible, well-kept short brown hair, brown eyes, and a simple round face.

Name: Arihen

Age: 68

Occupation: Alchemist

Appearance: Long messy gray hair, wears a brown robe, always carries a leather bundle of books wherever he goes.

Notable Criminals

Name: John John da Don

Age: 42

Occupation: Head of one of the largest criminal 'Families' in Argon, known for cutting off the tongues and poking out the eyes of anyone unfortunate enough to witness them commit a crime.

Special Traits: Ruthless, he never misses.

Appearance: Unknown, he never shows his face in public. He always wears a full black mask that leads one to wonder how he can still see, and a long black robe fitted with a hood.

The Argonian Rule

The Queen, her Majesty Beatrix, is the only publicly known member of the Argonian rule. All other members are hidden behind extravagant masks while travelling or attending a meeting, or whenever showing themselves publicly as a member of the Argonian Rule.

Odrus: Outside the Capital

Nomad tribes

There are hardly any nomads to be found in Ordus and a bounty is sure to be placed onto any nomads seen travelling through the continent.

Nomad tribes leave Ordus... that they do. But enter? Never... nay.... Those who were foolish enough to try had their women befouled, heads planted on spikes, and children brainwashed into Skews... those Filthy, Filthy Skews.... -Elderly man speaking to a random orphan on the street, that orphan grew up to join one of the strongest nomad clans from the Forgotten Lands, a legendary warrior who fought aside Grak Thor. 928 P.A (Post Argon.)