Set 1000 P.A (Post Argon)

A thousand years ago, 0 P.A (Post Argon) to be exact, the world ended, and began anew, after an event known as the Apocalypse, Ragnarok, and many more names. An event that was both then, and now, hidden in a mist of myth and legend. Little is known about the people who lived before the ‘end’ of the world but clues are sometimes found in objects known are Relics. These Relics are highly sought after and immensely valuable items even though they often are rather useless.

Current time is set in a post apocalyptic dystopian future reminiscent of a fantasy like medieval era  of many variations. The concept of vehicles, guns, electricity, etc are completely lost yet hints and clues are slowly popping up around the world as many seek out on adventures to find these rare things known as Relics and sell them for high prices, or keep them in order to learn more about their mysterious past that’s been lost with time.

The surface of the world has changed completely, now featuring only one large continent that has only partially been explored as none have sought to venture past the far North border of the Forgotten Lands, at least none who returned to tell the tale. This continent is home to four major regions, each home to people capable of feats that transcend the capability  of humans who lived before the apocalypse that happened over a thousand years ago.

“This world is an unforgiving one full of suffering and corruption, a world most cruel that still, somehow, continues to be a home to glimpses of  hope and joy. You wonder what the world will be like tomorrow? Well that, my friend, entirely depends on you.” -King Argon the first when speaking to the original members of the Order known as The Argonian Rule. 17 years P.A (Post Argon.)

(In current times, to all except for a rare few 1* 2*, the concept of science and technology have been completely lost. Instead, these concepts have replaced by even older trades such as alchemy and blacksmiths, that naturally returned to mankind as if second nature.)

On Eria, everyone is born with a gift, as humans always have been. However, in the far forgotten past  these gifts were little more than talents, or the ability to learn quickly, creativity etc. Much has changed since the extinction of the pre-apocalyptic human race, who knew but a fragment of their true potential. After the disaster that happened a thousand years ago, humanity has broken the barrier of potential that hid the true Gift hidden within each human brain.

The Gift. Same claim it to be magical, others divine, and some say its simply natural. The Gift is the advancement of humanity, a leap in evolution that happened for reasons unknown to those living on Gran Eria. Some call it the next gap-closer between humanity and its creator. The Gift takes many shapes, some of which far more common than others. The Gift usually reveals itself, a.k.a Awakens, as a boost in physical traits such as speed or strength, wisdom or intelligence, or even spirituality (prophetic dreams). Those blessed with The Gift of spirituality already perform feats that seem to approach, or even cross, the border of supernatural... however…. There is a far more impossible feat that the  that 'The Gift' can unlock although very rarely, and it is a feat known as Magic. Magic reveals itself in many forms: such as, but not limited to, the power over elements, matter, even people, plants and animals. Sometimes positive, and sometimes negative, for both/either the user and those it's used upon. Furthermore magic is seen as a taboo in most places even though there is not a capital that does not ‘forcibly’ employ at least one user of the arcane arts. The world has known many a 'witch-hunt', and sacrifice of sorcerer, and even today these practices continue to plague almost every town, farm and kingdom. But some say there is a chance of change, a chance for equality.

(When disaster struck a thousand years ago, there were some for whom the Gift took a more drastic turn of events and changed the very core of their genetic composition in order to create those known as The Gifted Races (Faeries, Witches, Dragons.) who originally were humans or animals.)

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1*The largest world organisation known as The Argonian Rule, has some, although very limited, information on relics of the past such as computers, books, etc. They also have large teams of researchers translating these old relics and finding out how to use them, but over the last hundreds of years they have only have figured out very small bits and pieces such as; how glasses are used, and some letters of the English alphabet. Researches are somewhat aware of the fact that a form of energy powered some of the old relics (laptops etc) although they don't know how or why.

2*There are also some seers, fortune speakers, librarians, and other gifted people (with or without magic) who have varying degrees of knowledge regarding the long forgotten past due to prophetic dreams, having deciphered old writings, etc. Some of these even group up in covens, clans, or align themselves with military factions to lend their surface in return for the resources needed to advance their research faster as many of them believe there to be a great evil coming once more.