You’ll most likely have read a little bit about relics up till now. Relics are items, in roleplay, that are found in your everyday real life. Anything that wouldn’t have dissolved in 1000 years could be a possible relic within the roleplay. For instance the remains of an apartment building that is the only remnant of a forgotten past, overgrown by nature amidst a bright valley. Or a picture kept intact inside of a lock box that you find underground while digging a fire pit. Relics can pop up everywhere, although very rare and often useless and indecipherable. But sometimes there may be clues that lead to use of a relic, or the language written upon/within seeing as all languages that you and me know today, are forgotten within the roleplay that takes place a thousand years in the future. This may lead to funny revelations, or even crucial answers that eventually string together pieces of a puzzle leading to even funnier revelations… or possibly clues to a hidden mystery.

Both relics, and clues, are brought to you by mods through means of ‘intervention’ (Intervening an ongoing session). This basically means that a relic can pop up anywhere, anytime. Furthermore it means that something you might think to be nothing but an ordinary object, which holds no purpose, may actually be the most crucial relic of all in uncovering what exactly has happened to the world.