Similar to law enforcement, mods are the voice of reason that keeps Amnesia function the best it can. In videogames you can't do everything you want either, there are always rules and laws in place that your character just has to deal with. Although we can enjoy much more freedom in text based rp, there still have to be logical rules, balancing measures, and more in order to keep Amnesia feeling like a real, fictional, world.

Short and simple:

This is not a T1 group, but simply a Text-based roleplaying group. Posts may at times be as large as your typical T1 post, and sometimes as short as a text message you send on your phone. Not every post requires 20 lines. However, keep in mind that some thing such as combat do require detail where needed, as by rules of text-based roleplay; 'If you don't write it, and it's not easily/immediately assumed, it doesn't happen.. So you don't have to mention breathing, but if you happen to have an extra solid footing when it comes to wrestling it'd be smart to add some detail as to how or why, just saying "My character isn't as easily pushed over as yours." without further explaining just doesn't cut it, and at this point it'd be up to your opponent to either respect your empty statement, or simply ignore it for lack of substance. When confused, or when you feel like a dispute is coming up, you are at all times allowed to pause the roleplaying session and send immediate message to a mod. When this happens the mod will resolve the situation as per intervention (intervening the session, in roleplay, as a Dungeon Master of sorts.)

Nothing has no weakness or equal, if something unbalanced is in place then the mods will step in. For example, say you decide to make a forgery in order to produce fake money at large volume, there will have to be some kind of 'tell', however small and difficult to notice, for someone to figure it out behind a magnifying glass and having enough experience. If there isn't any such 'tell' or anything similar in place, one may be added by the mods by means of intervention. Or they may drop hints here and there that will lead characters to the location of your forgery, also by means of intervention.

Mods will almost exclusively resolve cases, add interesting information, and more, through roleplay. OOC involvement will always be kept to a minimum, be never treated minimally. This means that instead of a OOC ruling that is to be, or not to be, carried out in roleplay, the ruling will be carried out in roleplay immediately by a mod. After the intervention post has been place, roleplay should usually, if not always, proceed smoothly.