Basic Information

Name: SiZaw

Age: 28

Home: New Zaterra

Current Location: New Zaterra

Region of Birth: Zaterra

Parental region of Birth: Zaterra

Faction: Saurian Guard

Faction information: Made up of the remainder of the Saurian race that fled their underworld of Zaterra after the great collapse, they have found refuge in the dense jungles of Toa Gu. In a rather empty part of the region they have made a new Kingdom they deem New Zaterra where they are now in the process of re-building their society via egg hatching which is characteristic of their reptilian race in which the remainder of protector's (The Saurian Guard.) swear to protect from any further devastation.

Faction Insignia/Logo/etc:

Insignia demon enoch by koudamainframe-d41kivg

Allies: N/A

Enemies: Invaders of the jungles of New Zaterra

Titles: Grand master, Saurian Warrior/Saurian Assassin, and the Underguard.

Nicknames: Land dragon's (Due to the members of the race's ability to spit acid.) , Deceiver's (Due to member's of the race who have the ability to render themselves completely invisible via camouflage.)

Occupation: Saurian Assassin.

Known for:  SiZaw's keen eye and sharp senses deem him one of the few worthy of the Saurian Assassin title within New Zaterra. SiZaw's race is born with the gift of magic through genetic mutation that grant them gift of invisibility and the ability to manipulate their stomach's acid by spitting it out and by other means, it is known as the gift of the Deceiver to the Saurian race. One of the eldest left of his race due to the great collapse that almost wiped out his entire race itself, he ,only younger than the oldest of the race (The Grand master- age 62.), and a number of the council whom range around the same age of the Grand master. The age gap truly shows what a toll the collapse took on his race. His gift of the Deceiver makes him the best of his kind for assassination's, as he is the most adept at using his magic's,  given out by his elders as well as scouting new area's around New Zaterra for possible expansion of their once large Kingdom. Though loved by those left he also strikes fear into the cold blooded hearts of his kin as they know death is only a second away if their name is given to him by his commander's.

Who are you: SiZaw is a very isolated individual as his work for his clan makes him this through solo-missions and assassination's in the past. Though not very social when he finds comfort in you he is a very caring Saurian and will show his allegiance to you through protection. SiZaw is a very loyal individual showing so by sticking by his clan and protecting them during their current state of weakness vowing to rebuild his once proud home of Zaterra.

Physical traits

Hair: None.

Eyes: Green with white hue, similar to any reptile.

Height: 6'1

Weight: 185

Body specifications: A lean yet toned body, scaly and rigid of course.

Tone of voice: A semi-deep tone with hints of high pitches.

Unique/Special features: Can turn completely invisible Through means of camouflage like a Chameleon.), has the ability to manipulate his stomach acid, and has most traits of a reptile; Nimble movement, enhanced vision, can see through body heat, leaping abilities, has a long reach with his tongue, has a tail, and sharp claws. 

Perceived to be: A freak of nature outside of Zaterra due to his inhuman like features. Inside Zaterra he is looked at as a protector of the few that still remain. 

Appearance and Other Facts

Picture of RPC:


Armor: He wears a protective cover around his face that only leaves his mouth and nostril's exposed, the rest of the armor on his body is compiled of bones and rock that cover his chest, forearms, and thighs and shins.

Pets: None.

Mount: None.

Mount loadout: N/A

Storage: None.

Money: Is not used in New Zaterra.

Items: None.

Relics: The teeth of his fallen family strung together with the tendon of a deer that he wears as a necklace to remind of his mission to rebuild what has been lost.

The Gift: The Gift of the Deceiver. (Explained above.)

History: No one in the outside world would know of SiZaw or the history of his clan.