The Gift:

The common Gift boosts a part of what humans can already do, known as talents a thousand years ago. However, Gifts are more potent and powerful than talents. The seven basic gifts are speed/power/wisdom/intelligence/spirituality/precision/stamina.

(These Gifts bridge the transition between RM and UM)


A gift of speed could allow someone to run twice as fast as they normally would, dodge twice as fast, punch twice as fast, etc.

A gift of power could allow someone to carry twice as much, or throw twice as far, or punch twice as hard, etc.

A gift of wisdom could allow someone to have a sense of wisdom twice as potent as peers ‘ (Manifesting in a form such as, but not limited to: almost always knowing what to do, being able to judge and assess people with but a glance, the ability to read emotions, etc.)

A gift of intelligence could allow someone to remember twice as much, think twice as fast, etc.

A gift of spirituality could allow someone to live through prophetic dreams, lifelike memories of another life, fortune telling, communing with the recently departed, etc.

A gift of stamina could allow you to take twice the beating, run long distances without getting tired, etc.

A gift of precision could allow you to grab a fly with chopsticks at relative ease, always hit the bulls eye, etc.


There are countless ways for the common Gift to manifest, and listed here are but examples. Another unique thing is that sometimes Gifts even appear in combinations of two or three, or even more. Combinations are less potent than each of the standalone gifts they borrow from, but bring something unique to the table in their own regard as well as a overall boost. (If you combine strength speed and precision to have a excellent sword swing you’ll be weaker than someone who only has a gift of strength, slower than someone who only has a gift of speed, and less accurate than someone who only has a gift of precision.) A combination of Gifts usually has a certain focus, such as fighting, acrobatics, or anything you can come up with.

(You can choose to have your gift start off with less potential, or even seemingly inactive, to have to emerge later on in life or even never at all.)

The moment that your Common Gift awakens, it will take you to the peak of regular human performance immediately and with time/training grow to twice that.

Extra Information:

Common Gifts awaken between 5 - 12 years of age at around 50%, growing to a 100% during their teenage years. But after reaching 50 years of age, a human will find their common Gift to lessen slowly over the next 15 years, dramatically in the 5 that follow. When they reach 70 the common Gift will usually have disappeared.

For some unique cases, their Common gift remains after they are 70 and even grows over time starting from when they reach 18; starting whenever their Common gift Re-Awakens. When this happens a common Gift is regarded as a magic Gift, which will lead to certain techniques. A unique common Gift evolves from a regular common Gift based on how one lives life, a mod will intervene into a session to make this fact aware whenever it happens to a character. (Everyone may roll a 1d100 at point of character creation when opting for the common gift, to see if they have the rare variant.)