The Gift of Magic:

“Magic is a very rare, but well known, presence within the world that's revered by some, envied by others, and feared by most. There are many haunting tales of vile witches and evil sorcerers, and some detail even worse creatures said to be born of ‘evil’ or ‘dark’ magic; creatures who are said to have lost their humanity. Being born with the gift of magic means that it will, at some point in your life, awaken at which you’ll carry all the benefits and all of the threats that come with such a gift. There are many people who are after magicians, and all for their own reasons some of which are good and some of which are very… bad. “

Starting off

Even though Magic comes in countless forms, it NEVER appears twice in the same form, at the same time, which means that a specific form of magic can only exist within one individual at any given time. However when that individual dies, inheritance of 'The Gift' is lost and presumably reincarnated into a new body. Here, ‘The Gift’ will be reborn stronger, or weaker, to live another life until its new inheritor meets death: at which the cycle starts over again.

We currently have a list of 100 different type of magics, each having multiple variations and levels of potency.

So, how does it work?

Upon your character being created, a Mod will put you to the choice of that character having been born with or without magic.

If you happen to be born with magic, you roll a 1d100 (virtual dice with a hundred sides.). This roll will decide which magic you are born with. (You will lose the ability to have a common gift. The nature of your character's magic it is still remains unknown to you at this point.

You then roll a 1d6 in order to determine which variation, of your type of magic, your character is born with. (Even fire magic has multiple variations, each working in different ways and accomplishing various means. Example: Turning oneself into fire, shooting fire, summoning fire creatures, etc.)

After this, you roll another regular die (1d6). This roll will decide the potency of your magic. There are three stages of potency. The first stage = 1-3. The second stage = 4-5. The third stage = 6.

This means that, in total, there are 1800 different results that you could end up with.

Important: Usually, during your first roleplaying session, your character will Awaken his/her gift. This will happen through manner of intervention by a mod.

Example of a powerful awakening:

-Player 1 is someone just starting his first session on his noble born teenager. Destiny favored his dice and he rolled a magic of the highest potency. -Player 2 is the owner of the large town that Player 1 lives in. -Mod is the intervening member

Player 1: With a yawn the youth arose in a bed of the finest silk, waking up he went about his daily business as normal and before long was found in the classroom.

Player 2: Several townspeople bowed their head to the passing young noble and watched him walk into one of the most graceful buildings in all the land, a beautiful, but incredibly expensive school open to none but the rich. Inside the building, the noble teenager would find an empty seat next to a pretty girl who came from a family of wealthy merchants. But there was no time for distractions as the teacher clapped his hands together and eyed the class of twelve with stern eyes from behind an expensive thin-rimmed relic. (relic: a pair of glasses.)

Mod: At the sound of the clap, the teenage feels his heart pound louder than ever before and suddenly begins sweating profoundly. With every breath it seemingly becomes hard to contain the feeling of something exploding inside him. But then, just as sudden, the feeling completely fades away. The teenager would believe himself to but have been dealing with a stroke of illness, however, everyone around him would see large cracks floor beneath the teenagers feet.

Player 1: Still panting, he wipes the sweat from his forehead and takes a desperate breath of air before finally calming down. Only then realising that something didn’t feel right.

Player 2: Everyone was motionless, as they stared at what they had just witnessed. “Magic…” The teacher whispered it with the most vile intent ever heard, he had lost a family to magicians. This entire village of knowlege had lost many lives, resources, and valuable information to the likes of magicians employed as tools of war by other nations. “Magic is not welcome here.”

Player 1: Caught in surprise, the boy looked around in shock at the face of the teacher he had known for the past four years. He felt like he was nothing, and felt tears well up in his eyes as he ran outside and ran… as long as he could… as far as he could.

Mod: The shockwave seemed to be produced by but emotion, however the memory was blurred by the emotional impact of being shunned and fearing for one’s life. (Unlocked Magic Ability:


Nature: Earth. Range: within 1-3 yards of a limb touching-smashing the ground. Force Exerted: Shockwave may part the ground directly around the user as if a heavy object had made impact, up to shattering the area within three yards through means of a localized earthquake that can trap and easily break limbs between moving segments of earth and stone. Emotions heavily influence the exerted force, but learning to control Shockwave will reduce/remove this influence. Physical intensity plays a large role in control, actually smashing/stomping the ground will have more effect than merely touching it. Usability: Shockwave can be used twice every 24 hours to begin with. Three times after getting used to it. Unique: Instead of using shockwave twice, or three times, all uses can be consumed at once in order to perform the technique at triple the scale/force.

Conclusion and additional Information:

As you can see in the example above, even having unlocked a form of magic at maximum potency, the form being earth magic in this case, the starting technique is everything but all-powerful. However, if someone were to have the gift of earth magic with the lowest potency, this shock wave technique would be something they could only hope to dream of or achieve during old age. Rather, that someone with low potency would for instance be able to start off by changing the texture of the ground to mud. However, with that lower potency comes a much more gentle awakening of the gift that would attract little to no attention from most civilians. If the noble teenage from the previous example was born with the low potency variant of earth magic, he would still be able to live with his family and grow up with his friends instead of being forced to leave behind everything he has ever known.

As a magic user grows and learns, he/she will awaken (through intervention), or be (self)taught, new techniques related to their Gift of Magic. These techniques are created by mods, but if you have a cool idea/suggestion yourself then feel free to send it to our mod-account and it’ll be reviewed by one of the mods: we will generally always seek to implement your idea one way or the other, after possible re balancing. Time usually leads to more powerful, unique, abilities that often reflect a part of the user, but there are other… ways of gaining power upon this magical world of Eria.