The World: Eria

Eria is home to but a single large continent, and some island regions most of which are relatively close to the mainland however some are many many miles away. The continent has many names, spoken by many different groups of its inhabitants. It's most commonly known as Gran Eria. Gran Eria is split over several known regions, but, as of yet, still has large sections of undiscovered land.

Known regions:

(East/North-East/North) - Ordus: The land in which a secret sect has claimed the rights to the very fundamentals of life itself. Now members of this sect fill nearly all positions of importance in a highly corrupt system. The first humans were said to hail from Ordus. After an inner dispute, the first humans split off in several groups. The fanatic, smart, yet fragile and easily corrupted, created what’s known as the first Kingdom of Man, the Capital City of Ordus, named Argon. Most people from Ordus are of lean/skinny build and pale skin, what they lack in physical strength is made up for by a level of cunning and knowledge that surpasses most others inhabiting Gran Eria. Argon is perhaps the most filthy of all great Capital cities, home to many drunks, beggars, prostitutes and all kinds of filth that you’d rather not deal with. With the royal family proclaiming themselves godlike, often dressed in white and gold, they draw a stark contrast to the immense ghetto that surround the royal castle which stands protected by a high white wall. Within the wall live only those trusted by the Royal family, allowed to enjoy a life of luxury while those outside the wall suffer more with each passing day. There have been many rebellions but never has the wall even been stained by blood, let alone touched by the hands of whom the Royals decree ‘Infidel’. The ghetto is also home to most of Argon’s inhabitants, honest, but often corrupted people who work at farms, shops, runs the bars, and all other tasks. Most soldiers and guards life in the ghetto when off duty, and only the richest mercenary are allowed the very occasional meeting with a representative of the royal family. These representatives are known, in common tongue, as “Skews”, emotionless scum who have no mercy and no compassion. In terms of geography, Ordus was once home to the most beautiful forests but most of these have been cut down over the years, as the region now resembled more of a dead area where the earth is only kept alive by the nutrients of the many dead bodies claimed by it. (*1) Its towns are the largest and most industrial of all.

(*1) At one point, the soldiers of Ordus had eradicated all of the forests at their south-westernmost borders, coming face to face with the raw and untamed nature of Toa Gu. However, cutting down into the wildlife of the jungle didn't prove so easy, so soldiers were fought back by acrobatic natives who fought beside nature itself. After a grueling battle, Ordus was forced to retreat and since then the south-westernmost borders have been abandoned and because a barren wasteland of death. This conflict was cause of the original inhabitants of Toa Gu, the Faeries, to retreat deeper within their forests and seek recluse within a tree known only in legend and myth. This led to a reduced amount of sightings of the Guardians of the Forest: deities of the native people of Toa Gu. After this, no strangers were welcomed into the Toa Gu ever again.

(South) - Zhuyoto: Said to have been a paradise on earth, Zhuyoto is home to many beautiful Temples (Shaped like Pyramids) and many other structures of mythological beasts and legendary hero alike, some new and some very very old. Zhuyoto knows many beautiful streams of water that keeps its green landscape ever rich. It’s capital stands at the center of the region, and is named ‘Eden’ after an ancient relic speaking of a certain paradise. Zhuyoto is the only region with direct access to the ocean that stretches out as far as the eyes can see. But when sailing east or west around the coastline, before heading up north, sailors have never found anything but large and treacherous cliffs, or a blood-red stone, that loomed high above them *1, guarded by nasty rocky formations down below that hid just below the water. Those rocks have claimed many a ship of daring adventurers who sought to climb those cliffs. None have dared travel up further by water. If travelling south, down the ocean, you could find one of many small groups of islands each home to one of several native families of dark skin and spiritual lifestyles. The people back in Eden are fair-skinned, most at home when close to water or at sea, smaller in posture than people from most other regions, and are known for their fairness, of skin, face, and mannerisms. As such Eden is also home to academies, medical institutions, and even large numbers of refugees who are treated as equal to all other inhabitants. Due to these refugees crossing the northern border of Zhuyoto with often tales of great horror, the northern border is mostly avoided by inhabitants of Zhuyoto. Another reason is that they simply much prefer to explore by ship.

(*1) these cliffs guard Zhuyoto’s south east and south west sides, in order to find these cliffs one has to climb through a very dangerous mountain area home to none but the most ferocious barbarians who managed to tame those lands. There are guards posts at the bottom of these mountain-rangers, inland, where Zhuyoto stands ever wary for intruders even though there hasn’t been a barbarian attack in the last decade.

(West/south-west) - Toa Gu Dir Yel No Gak (Often referred to as Toa Gu*1.): A land of wilderness, jungles, valleys, and some of the most beautiful people and animals inhabiting Gran Eria. The most south west, and west, borders of Toa Gu exist of blood red mountains and cliffs that look down over a dark mist that fades into nothingness. But late at night one can hear the sound of waves down below, and ever so rarely, the sound of screams echoing off the cliff walls… screams for help. Many believe these to be spirits of the past, little to they know of Eden’s sailors trying to escape the harsh sea that claimed their ships hundreds of yards down below. Toa Gu’s capital is found close to its south-east border, a land home to beautiful springs of water that extend from the rivers flowing into Zhuyoto. The name of the Capital is Keir Na, a massive gathering of tree-houses, simple huts, and tents all grouped around a beautiful lake filled with never ending riches. Keir Na is often a point of conflict between warring tribes struggling for control. For the last twenty years it has been held by Au Gu, the current Alpha of Keir Na who lives together with his Harem and Servants. After a conflict with soldiers of Ordus that threatened their forests, and more importantly their spiritual deities, the tribes of Toa Gu made it their life's work to protect the borders of their continent. Around the clock their warriors blend in with nature to keep out intruders from entering their lands of unkempt beauty, especially in the north-east borders connecting to Ordus. A consequence of this is that they rarely make any contact with people from any other regions, apart from some rare occasions that usually end violently. The people of Toa Gu have athletic builds, yet the women retain the most beautiful, and often large, curves: something for which they are often envied due to retaining a slender physique even with such… extras. As good as all people from Toa Gu have white hair. But some tribes, and other groups, choose to instead dye their hair. They can be anything ranging between caramel and ebony skin tones, and often have bright eyes: silver, blue, green, yellow. Those from Toa Gu also have a quick metabolism, pointy ears, and naturally smell like a certain kind of flower: varying from person to person. Often families, or those of kindred spirit, smell like a similar or the same flower. People born in Toa Gu are often spiritually inclined, and the continent is home to some of the best seers in all of Eria.

The Faerie Capital: located in the heart of Toa Gu lies Ama i amoa, which translates to heart of the hearts. Ama i amoa is famous for the mile high tree at its midst, which has been hollowed out during a process that took 250 years. Walking into this hollow giant of a tree is like walking into a dream as there is a beautiful city inside, with staircases, swings, ropes and more connecting the many shops and houses that hug the inner walls all the way to the top which is where the Faerie Queen.

(*1) Toa Gu Dir Yel No Gak is pronounced together with unusual clicks of the tongue and quick-spoken syllables, making it near impossible to pronounce for anyone but the inhabitants who grew up learning how to say the name of their homeland.

(North/North-West) - The Forgotten lands: This region is home to castaways, loners, but also the strongest of mankind as its the most unforgiving region. The ground is brittle, the wind cold and harsh, and every mountaintop covered by thick layers of so now all too often covers the entire landscape. A frozen desert, that's what most people call it. But to those born here the region will always be known as The Forgotten lands. (*1). There is a city down at a valley of mountains made from ice, and it is here that one may find a large cave entrance guarded by men standing over 8ft tall. If allowed into the cave, one has to walk down a long path leading into the dark, footsteps ever echoing off the dim lit walls home to not nearly enough torches. But when reaching what seems like the end, the entire veil of darkness is lifted to reveal the bristling underground city of Gundjaer. It is here that the best blacksmits of Gran Eria forge their weapons and armors which find their way through most other continents however rare, the Royal army of Argon is known to wear equipment from Gundjaer, set with the beautiful gems and stones found in the many mines connecting to the underground capital of the Forgotten lands. Those born in the Forgotten lands are usually very tall and muscular, and the men often have large beards and long hair, and they are known to scar their own skin in the form of pictures, or words. Due to the unusual charcoal-like blades used in the process, these scars turn out black rather than white. (Similar to tattoos.) They have to re-done every ten years of the black lines will fade away to gray, when you have gray scars you are known as a dishonorable man/woman. The Gift of power and stamina are more potent in people that hail from these regions.

(*1) Forgotten by choice, as most inhabitants have great dislike for strangers.


Yartianism: The belief held by certain Nordic tribes that lurk in the wastelands of the Northern Realms. They believe in a series of lesser deities, similar to the Angels of Christian/Hebrew lore, though these deities all serve a grander being. Though unlike the Christian/Hebrew God who is mentioned to be an almighty creator this God is referenced as ‘Grootang Marrak” which translates to the common tongue as “He Who Ends”. It is believed that the world that existed before this, the ancient realm that exists only as a foreign echo, was deemed unworthy by this God and so in pensive manner casted life and order to the wind, letting society wither like an unpicked fruit. The worshippers of this God also believe that these benevolent relics that litter the world are projections of this God’s will, and that they are meant to prepare one for the next trial. The worshippers of this religion tend to border on the chaotic, believing that killing is justified so long as it be in the name of the Grootang Marrak.