Heirs of the Eternal Blue

Name: The Eternal King, Huang-go

Age: 60

Occupation: Lord and Ruler of Zhuyoto and Eden.

Special traits: Impeccable memory, fair judgement, speaks all languages.

Appearance: Unusually tall for someone from Zhuyoto, wise blue eyes, curly black hair, handsome, sharp-jawed, dressed in a blue Kimono.

Name: First heir of the Eternal Blue, Toshi

Age: 7

Occupation: Next in line to rule Zhuyoto

Special traits: Hardly ever speaks, vicious red eyes, merciless towards anyone that gets in his way

Appearance:  Small even for his eyes, round cheeks, cute face apart from menacing red eyes, curly red hair that takes after his mother in terms of color.

Concubines of the Eternal Blue

Name: Number one, mother of the First heir.

Age: 21

Occupation: concubine to the Eternal Blue

Special traits: Introvert, insanely strong in terms of raw physical strength, in complete support of The Eternal King, Huang-go. She used to rely on mid-wives to feed her children, which left her with a tight following of maidens who also function like a network of spies.

Appearance: Skinny, barely visible breasts (even when she was with child.), hollow black eyes, bright red hair

Name: Number two

Age: 28

Occupation: concubine to the Eternal Blue, handmaiden to the First Heir of the Eternal Blue

Special traits: Smart beyond her years, an economical genius

Appearance: Full figured, beautiful curves, freckled face that is immensely beautiful, milk-like skin.

Important figures

Name: Guran Zhun Lao

Age: 75

Occupation: Master of the Docks

Appearance: Wears a beautiful blue turban, a short and well-kept black beard, thick eyebrows, fair-skinned.

Name: Mung-Go, Brother of the Eternal Blue, Huang-go

Age: 68

Occupation: Lord of Judges, Master of Law and Order

Appearance: dressed in a beautiful black Kimono set off with a white sash: the typical garb of Judges in Zhuyoto, this outfit grants great prestige to whomever wears it. Long silver curls, shaven face, large hooked nose, many lines of age in his face and neck.

Notable Refugees

Name: Grak Thor 'Son of the Sea'

Age: 45

Occupation: Mercenary

Special traits: Hails from the Forgotten Lands, is considered to be the strongest man to all those who hail from Zhuyoto. He is the former head of one of the largest known Nomad clans to ever exist, and also the last survivor of that clan after a brutal battle told in the countless scars covering Grak's face and body. Following the massacre, he was forced to leave the Forgotten lands due to dishonor, but welcome like a 'son' in Zhuyoto: where he is a very respected figure, and has been for the last 7 years ever since his arrival.

Appearance: Heavily scarred, over 8ft tall, immensely muscled, wears a battle-axe bigger than most natives of Zhuyoto, has his auburn hair tied into a long braid, has eyes like the ocean: something for which many people of Zhuyoto refer him.

Island Tribes

Name: Bok Yao

Age: 23

Occupation: Ruler of the largest Island south of Zhuyoto, and many more that surround the island he calls home: "Yunzwa, crown of the Sea.".

Special traits: A great spear fighter, has many beautiful concubines similar to The Eternal king Huang-Go with whom he continues the great alliance set in place by his deceased great-grandfather.

Appearance: He has long red hair, wears an eye patch to cover his eyesocket (right) which contains nothing but dead flesh due to a legendary battle fought five years ago (with his father.). Like most Island people, who enjoy a nice dark tan thanks to the sun, he usually only wears a leather skirt adorned with colorful feathers.

Nomad tribes

Many nomads who sought refugee here choose to wander the land of Zhuyoto for a while before going back to travel the world, usually only after receiving some news that lets them know things have settled down within the borders of their home region. There are all kinds of nomad tribed in Zhuyoto, however, most people born in Zhuyoto, tend to stay there until the end of their days due to it being one of the 'best' places to live, because of this there aren’t any notable nomad tribes hailing from Zhuyoto.