Name: Zon

Age: 31

Current Location: The northern regions of Zhuyoto

Region of Birth: The Forgotten lands

Parental Region of Birth: The Forgotten Lands, Ordus

(Small) Faction: The Black Swords

Faction information: A small mercenary group formed of thirteen no goods from all corners of the world, some of them strong, some weak, some smart, and some dumb. The only thing they share is their will to live, and ability to kill without question: although not always successfully. Their leader and most skillful fighter is a man known as Zon, infamous amongst the few who know his name, and a hobo in the eyes of those who don’t. It isn’t until one stared into the obsidian eyes of Zon that they come to know of his iron drive, and it is with that drive that he leads this band of outcasts known as The Black Swords. The fact that he has kept them fed and alive for two and a half years, in a world such as Eria, speaks in great amounts of his leadership. Second in command is a teenage girl known as Maan, who’s known for being, by far, the smartest of The Black Swords. Her beauty sends for many men to lust after her even though she is only 14. The man who has always kept Maan safe is known as Urg, a warrior from the Forgotten Lands, a hulking beast of a man with unequaled strength amongst The Black Swords. It was the trio of Zon, Maan, and Urg who founded The Black Swords two and a half years ago when they undertook their first mercenary job and returned with weapons covered in dried up blood as dark as the night, said to have been the blood of a sorcerer and his monstrous animals.

The other ten members consist of an old woman who is spiritually attuned and sometimes enters a state of shock, where she receives glimpses of a person's near future or past, her name is unknown but she goes by Madame. There is a pair of beautiful, angelic-like, twins. One boy and one girl, aged 13. The girl only wields a shield and the boy only wields a sword that seems far too large for his frame, they are known for fighting together at such levels of rhythmic perfection that they’ve even bested Zon during a spar albeit only twice out of twenty three matches.

The remaining seven members consist of; three former pickpockets, exiled from Ordus, who are self-proclaimed masters in the art of distraction and thievery even though they all miss their left hand: taken when they were caught, before trial. A former butcher who turns berserk when blood is spilled around him. A former beggar who acts dimwitted but is quite clever and especially cunning when need be, a master of whispers lies and mischief. And a former noble who has fallen from honor after being caught drinking and ‘mating’ with the wrong prostitute one too many times. Overweight and blatantly stupid, he serves as comic relief and has a skill for throwing heavy objects, at high accuracy, but only when drunk.

Finally, there is the member who joined most recently, only several months ago. He is a former soldier who is quite the enigmatic figure but has never yet drawn his sword and hardly ever speaks a word. Only Zon seems to know why this man decided to follow The Black Swords. Interestingly enough, the walking mystery happens to be an excellent cook, and as such provides his services to the group.

The Faction owns a simple cart drawn by an old but lovable mare; within it are enough supplies to feed the Black Swords for a good ten days, blankets, tents, hay, and other items usually found in a travelling party such as rope and torches.

Allies: The Black Swords

Enemies: The Argonian Rule, Several Nomad tribes.

Titles: Captain of the Black  Swords

Nicknames: Nightslayer

Occupation: Leader of a Mercenary group (The Black Swords.)

Known for: Amongst The Black Swords he is known as a relentless leader who never lets his people suffer without first suffering himself. Those who’ve met him know Zon to be a man of his words who doesn’t seem to have a limit regarding how far he'd go to not break his it although there are some things that he’ll exclude some members of his group from participating in, sometimes even going as far as to exclude everyone but himself. Those who heard of him aren't many in number but they either underestimate him greatly or fear him more than necessary.

Who are you: I am a leader of lone wolves, an Alpha amongst Alpha as I believe all to be equal. I am one of the Best Archers born in the Forgotten Lands who used to make a living as a hunter working for the Nomad Clan I was born into. One day a rival clan brought an end to that life and left me to wander by myself since I was ten. Not knowing where to go, I would’ve surely told the younger me to walk anywhere but there where I happened to stumble into Ordus; starved and weak. It was there, in the center of all depravity, that I joined the many beggars in their lifestyle of suffering abuse, misery, starvation and worse. But unlike many I survived and I vow to take revenge upon all those evildoers. Even if I must do the unspeakable I will do what must be done to bring justice upon those who deserve it. Vengeance is my Cree, equality my vision, and the bow my weapon. I am Zon.

Hair: Long and black, featuring one white braid falling down the left side of his face, the rest of his rough locks are fashioned into a high ponytail.

Eyes: Zon suffers from Heterochromia, as such he has one pale-silver/white eye (left), and one green as grass with the shine of a perfectly cut emerald (right).

Height: 6ft

Weight: 170 lbs

Body: Lean and athletic

Tone of voice: Bariton, raspy, rugged.

Unique/Special features: Seven black rings pierced through the helix of his left ear. A simple cowhide leather necklace attached to which is a black leather pouch that contains the depiction of a woman’s face on paper (relic.). Who she is has always been a mystery to Zon. He calls her “His Angel” during private moments.

Perceived to be: Always has his mind stuck on something greater than what’s happening around him but even so he remains attentive and gives off a kind nature. He’s often seen frowning but always forces a polite smile towards children and the elderly. His outfit is the type that strikes fear into people. He usually wears all black and has most of his weapons carried out in the open for all to lay eyes upon. His face is not the most handsome, but rugged and sharp with a boyish kind of charm that's diminished completely by his pitch black irises: all in all a sight to behold who can easily be romanticized as your typical Byronic heartthrob.

Picture of RPC:

Common clothing: Loose black pants made of cotton, no shirt, no shoes. His necklace, earrings, a ring set with a blue stone that he never wears when out on the road.

Travelling clothes & battle outfit: These are one and the same for this hunter, he much prefers the freedom of movement over armor but can’t deny the usefulness of plating. He wears black leather pants with thick hide padding, high boots that are topped off by the same warm fur that keep his feet farm, a long trench coat over his chain-mail shirt (effectively hiding it from vision unless exposed.), his right shoulder is covered by a shoulder plate featuring the insignia of The Black Sword Faction. To finish it all off he wears a black cape that barely brushes over the floor which sets off a stark contrast to the white quiver diagonally strapped to his back. The arrows are all fitted with black crow feathers at their ends. His ebony bow is simple in design but made of high quality materials by master craftsmen. It was the one good thing he took from Ordus, well… stole. There is still a reasonable bounty on his head for possession of the weapon worth as much as a small ship.


Master Craft Longbow

Two daggers (One in each pocket on the outer sides of his thighs, one in a small sheathe strapped to his left boot. All hilts are in sight.)

Two small axes (Hidden beneath his cape, they are strapped to the back of his waist.)


Chainmail shirt

Shoulder plate (right)

Backpack/bag: (Including any hidden compartments, and what they contain.)

Two gold coins, one silver, and fourteen copper

Two days of rations (dried meats and bread.)

Waterskin (Half-full)

A map of Argon (Minimal detail for everything except Ordus, which is properly detailed.)

A map of Zhuyoto (Proper detail)

A, very rare, map of Toa Gu (Very very minimal detail.)

A map of The Forgotten Lands (Self-made, high detail, but only covers southern and eastern parts of the Forgotten Lands.)

Two arrows




Quiver: 20 Arrows

Mount: None

Mount loadout: None

Pets: Two Crows, each of his shoulders usually home to one, named Kur and Kir.

Storage: 10 Gold Coin

Relics: The small picture of a woman which has somehow sustained the hand of time and remains mostly intact. It looks like she is holding something, but what that is exactly is impossible to see as that part of her isn’t shown in the picture.

Gift: Speed, Precision. The Focus of this combination is Archery, shooting quickly, precisely, and with deadly force from the speed at which the arrows travel. Aside from being fast, he’s been training, and surviving harsh surroundings/people, for most of his life, this made him strong and able to endure more than most of his peers. His powerful bow shots are a result of dozens of years of practice, and a by now formidable drawing-arm (right). His speed and precision also allow for him to be a nimble fighter who moves at the exact right time, allowing him to keep up with superior opponents. His technique, as such, is also something that makes him a dangerous foe up close as he knows where to strike, and gets there fast, with enough life-experience to build up a beyond-solid technique that is somewhat rough around the edges.

History: Born of a overweight, but loving mother who was strong as an Ox, hailing from the Forgotten Lands. And a cheeky, and peculiar, man who spent most of his life researching relics before falling in love with who he calls Queen of the North, choosing to abandon his life and join hers to travel to world of Eria in a large Nomad clan.